Not just another Nail Bar!

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Fairynails is the Leader of the nail care market in Greece and Gold Winner of the Beauty and Wellness Franchise Award 2022! The future of nailbar is yours. Get the fastest growing nailbar franchise! Take part in the movement. The authentic vision of Fairynails has evolved into a dynamic, diverse and hospitable community throughout Greece. Now you have the opportunity to participate too.

With the Fairynails Franchise Program you can stand out in a huge industry.

Become part of a strong and branded company, based on the highest quality and high standards of hygiene and operation. In terms of quality and hygiene, Fairynails does not compromise. With guidance from renowned health professionals and leading interior designers, Fairynails is committed to providing luxurious yet affordable manicure, pedicure, hair removal and other beauty services, all in a comfrtable, elegant and, above all, clean environment. Everything we do is based on our mission from the beginning of our operation, to stand out from all the other nail care stores. The search for perfection never ends for us, from our products to specialized manicure and pedicure stations and hospital-level cleaning equipment.

Our successful business model, training services and other specialized programs are yours to take advantage of when you become Fairynails Partner. Join us if you are interested in acquiring and running a business that allows you and your staff to build your career while developing positive relationships with your customers and your community. If this sounds interesting, the Fairynails Franchise opportunity could be perfect for you!

Not just another Nail Bar!

Fairynails is launching a new impressive image in its stores, thus marking the passage to the new era with a new look & feel. 

With upgraded minimal aesthetics and welcoming atmosphere, our stores maximise our clients’ experience and showcase Fairynails’ devotion to service.

A dynamically growing industry

According to a study conducted by Fairynails in the market of nail care services in Greece in March 2021, the demand for these services has been growing exponentially since 2010. It is growing at a steady pace as every year more and more women include professional nail care in their regular beauty routines. Also, in the last five years, the male population is now actively showing its interest in these services. The provision of nail care services is steadfastly one of the most profitable business sectors in the market.

Fairynails' Success Model

Offering over 1 million beauty services every year in our Nail Bars across the country, we are the market leaders in premium personal care and we know how to secure loyal customers.

Fairynails is a welcoming place where members of our community meet and feel cared for, optimistic and confident, through a personalized care experience.


  • Excellent Personnel
  • High Quality and Top Brand Products
  • Flawless Environment
  • Ideal value for money

Great Brand Recognition

A great benefit that our franchisees enjoy when opening a Fairynails Store, is the great recognition of our brand that ensures high customer base. If you are starting a business fro scratch, you need to build your brand and customer base from scratch, which will take time.

Fairynails Franchise, on the other hand, provides you with an already well-known company with a wide base of loyal custmers who already know what your business is, what you provide and the level of your services and what they can epxect from you.

Excellent Education

Our school, Fairynails Academy, a pioneer in the field of beauty, has as its main goal, with its excellent know-how, to create the ultimate nail experts, always following the new trends in the market.

Our goal is not only to focus on the technical training of our staff, but also on the cultivation of a superior professional culture and business consiousness.

Central Corporate Marketing

We make significant investments, carrying out communicative actions and offering services adapted to each nail bar and area. We follow the new trends in consumer preferences, constantly creating new products and further expanding the menu of our services.

At the same time, our strong presence in digital and social media, ensures our market leadership and loyal customers, and, consequently, the continuous growth of sales throughout the network.

High Profits, Fast Return on Investment, Low Risk

The great know-how we have in the franchise, the strength of the Fairynails brand, the size of the network and the superior quality of our services, ensure you a large clientele and high profitability. The successful Fairynails Franchise Model is a safe investment and a solid foundation for your business.

The fast return on your investment is ensured through the continuous support you will have from our team and your personal management and development consultant, throughout our coopoeration. Together we grow your business, as your success is our common goal.

Become our Partner!

Being a Fairynails Franchisee means having and running your own business, with the power of a big brand behind you. It is like having your own business, but without being on your own.

Talk to our Sales Team. For us, every partner is unique and we do not follow massive cooperation practices.

– Previous Franchise ownership experience will be considered a qualification

– No experience in the beauty industry is required

Is it time for you to open your own Fairynails Store?

If you want to work with us and become the new member of the Fairynails family, fill out the form below or contact us at 2107470601 or via email info@fairynails.gr.
We will be very happy to meet with you!

Is it time for you to open your own Fairynails Store?

If you want to work with us and become the new member of the Fairynails family, fill out the form below or contact us at 2107470601 or via email info@fairynails.gr.
We will be very happy to meet with you!